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Despite the very specific economic situation, we are organizing INDIREKT with great enthusiasm for just one day, on November 19 in the Youth Center of Belgrade. Therefore, in this year's edition, you will only enjoy the concert program without the conference content. Through our vision, on this unique night, you’ll have a chance to try wonderful vision in all venues of the Belgrade Youth Center! Dance on a vibrating floor and enjoy watching some amazing bands and artists in a pleasantly future-smelling room. Our selection in this edition is conceived as a set of incredible potential in one night, enabling them to flourish, not only musically, but socially and emotionally growing in confidence and independence! INDIREKT creates indoor environments that are not only comfortable but are connected to the audience, provide a sense of place, and are a delight to be in. The complete program & schedule will be revealed in the coming days, keep in touch! We are deeply impatient and excited.
+ INDIREKT management and Dom omladine Beograda will implement all measures prescribed by the authorities to prevent the circulation of the coronavirus. We call on the audience to respect these measures and show full responsibility. INDIREKT Team